Be Sure to Have Room in Your Hard Money Loan Budget for Staging

Staging is important on a hard money loan project.The last thing to do when you’re doing a rehab with a hard money loan is staging and selling the property. If you spend time looking at what’s for sale in your area, you’ll quickly notice how many of the options have very similar interior decor. There will probably be lots of neutrals or maybe a pop of color here or there. The problem with that style of decorating is that it’s hard for people to remember which house or office space they liked when they all look more or less the same. Boring will probably take longer to sell. When you work with a private money lender, you know that extra time costs extra money.

We’ve rounded up some of the most recent trends for the season to help you make your properties stand out. Many professional house flippers have a stock of furniture, dishes, and other household items to use for staging their properties. We recommend keeping most of your items in timeless styles and colors, with a few on-trend items, like rugs, pillows, or throws, to update the look periodically.

When You Work with a Private Money Lender, Selling Quickly Is the Key to Making Money

Right now, we’re seeing a lot of mixing. Drape a velvet blanket on the back of a sofa, then add pillows in different textures, like knit, silk, and brocade. You can also mix different neutrals together, like gray, beige, light brown, black, and white.

If you have a room with a big table, like a dining room or conference room, try putting down a colorful area rug. You can often find beautiful ones at a discount online. Trends in carpets are leaning toward oversized florals, textures, and bold colors. In a room with neutral wall color, it’s easy for a statement rug to be the focal point.

Finally, any space will come to life with a few plants. Succulents are on-trend at the moment, and both faux and living varieties are readily available. Create a vignette on a table or shelf with a plant in a striking pottery or metal container and some other natural textures, like pieces of driftwood, bark, smooth stones, or sea glass. If you’re unsure of what’s trending, contact a trusted real estate agent or attend a few area open houses to get ideas.

When you make the budget for your hard money loan, be sure to leave a small budget for decorating at the end of the project. Setting up the main spaces to look warm and inviting will help you sell for top dollar, so you can get going on your next project.

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