Before Approaching Hard Money Lenders, Know Your Goals and Skills

Work with hard money lenders and know your goals.At LendingXpress, we’ve built a reputation as flexible hard money lenders who work with real estate investors on a variety of projects. We issue hard money loans on residential and commercial property throughout California, and we love what we do. However, sometimes we see proposals from investors who are working more from boundless optimism than from doing the tough number crunching.

In real estate investing, it’s easy to build up daydreams around a really cool property or how you might help a neighborhood turn around. And who wouldn’t want to invest in a converted train station or awesome coworking space? Don’t most investors dream of benefitting both the neighborhood and themselves by improving the area? There’s nothing wrong with any of these ideas. In fact, many are even noble. However, you have to be realistic about what you as an individual can accomplish. You also don’t want to get in over your head financially and wreck your relationship with your hard money lenders.

To Make Hard Money Loans Profitable, Don’t Let Yourself Be Blinded by Optimism

As an investor, you need to keep your eyes on the prize, as they say, and know what your goals are, both financially and professionally. Real estate investing can start as a side job and become a full-time profession. You can do it part time to build up savings for retirement or to improve your current lifestyle. You also need to know the types of projects you want to take on. Some people get a lot of satisfaction in taking a property from near dereliction to something attractive and functional. However, not everyone has the desire or skill to take on foundation problems or mold issues.

Before you start making offers on properties, sit down and really think about your goals. Write down what your current skills are in terms of home improvement and construction. Think about where you want to be professionally, personally, and financially in the next two to five years. You can always re-evaluate as you get more experience. When you keep your own goals and skills in mind, you are much less likely to be seduced into a bad deal by your emotions and daydreams.

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