Using Rehab Loans to Fund Real Estate Investment Projects

Find great rehab loans with LendingXpress.

There’s something really rewarding about fixing up a house that has fallen into disrepair. It’s satisfying to watch a broken-down house come back to life and become someone’s home again. Of course, to get into this business, you need the right financing. At LendingXpress, we specialize in helping real estate investors get the rehab loans they need. The money needed to fix the structure is more than the purchase price. This means that you can’t rely on ordinary loans. Most banks don’t want to deal with rehab and flip loans.

LendingXpress Specializes in Rehab and Flip Loans

If you’re researching reliable financing for rehab loans, you want to find a hard money lender. At LendingXpress, we’ve been doing fix and flip loans for many years. For qualified borrowers, we offer up to 100% rehab financing. As professionals in the business, we understand how real estate investing is a totally different animal than purchasing a home to live in. We have seen enough run-down structures come out of a rehab process worth much more than the original price. What we look for is a buyer with a good plan and a property with the potential for a good return on the investment.

To get started on your next rehab and flip project, give our office a call. We pride ourselves on how quickly we get our customers approved and funded.