Why Winter Is a Great Time to Find Properties for Rehab Loans

Why you should get rehab loans in the winter.There’s a huge amount of conventional wisdom in real estate. Only some of it is really true, and even less applies to people working on rehab loans. A lot of people–agents, buyers, sellers–believe that the best thing to do is to sell in the spring. And to avoid listing a house in the winter months. It’s true that there is a big spike in home sales in the spring and summer. Commercial property has a different cycle, but those sales do tend to see more sales when the weather warms up. However, if you have a business rehabbing homes with flip loans, there are plenty of good reasons to keep on working through the winter.

Don’t Discount the Off-Season if You Are Looking for Flip Loans

First of all, because so many people are waiting to start getting properties ready to sell, contractors tend to have more time to devote to your project. This can really help to speed up the process between purchasing a property and selling it for a profit.

It can also be easier to find properties priced to sell quickly. This is because people who are selling in the winter months usually have a very good reason, like starting a new job, and need to move on a deadline. Real estate agents typically have fewer clients around this time of year, so you will get more attention from yours. They have more time to scope out properties that exactly fit your business needs.

If you having the funding through rehab loans to buy now, you can have the properties ready to sell for top dollar once the high season of spring and summer begins. This doesn’t mean you should go crazy and overstretch yourself. However, it is a good time to invest with an eye on the near future.

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