3 Common Pitfalls of Rehab Loans and How to Avoid Them

Learn how to research the market before getting rehab loans.

If you do a little searching online to understand rehab loans, chances are you’ll come across one of the self-appointed “real estate gurus.” These people have flashy websites and make a lot of promises about the piles of money you can make doing real estate investing. The problem is that they are often short on…

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What to Research Before Getting Fix and Flip Loans

Do your research to make money on fix and flip loans.

One of the biggest pieces of advice given by people with lots of experience with fix and flip loans is to do a lot of research before putting an offer on a property. But what are the things to look out for? Buying properties to rent out or fix up and sell is very different…

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Finding the Right Hard Money Lender: Question to Ask

Find the right hard money lender for your next project.

Once you’ve decided to make the jump into real estate investing and flipping properties, you need to find the right hard money lender to work with. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll probably find lots of lenders in your area. First, read as many online reviews you can, not just the testimonials on…

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Before You Get Hard Money Loans: Necessary Due Diligence

Do your homework on hard money loans.

When you first start working on getting hard money loans, you will quickly learn that you have to do a great deal of research on your properties. Everyone has heard horror stories of properties that look alright but have major, expensive issues. An important part of your due diligence process will be insisting on a…

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How to Find the Best Contractor for House Flipping

Find a contractor for house flipping.

How to Find the Best Contractor for House Flipping If you’re going to be successful as a real estate flipper, you have to find a great contractor for house flipping. A fix and flip project is going to have a different timeline and priorities than an owner-occupant remodel. As a real estate investor, time is…

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Get All the Details of California Hard Money Loans

Get California hard money loans.

They say that all real estate is local, and that is certainly true for California hard money loans. The state’s real estate market is very liquid. This means that there is a lot of money looking for an investment. Even though hard money loans typically have higher interest rates and more points than a conventional…

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