Holiday Staging Tips for a Rehab Loan Property

Read our holiday staging tips for a rehab loan property.If you’re coming to the end of a rehab loan project, you might be wondering about the right way to go about staging the property and selling during the holidays. First of all, there’s no reason not to put a property up for sale right now. Buyers at this time of year tend to be more focused, so the whole transaction might actually go more quickly and smoothly than during peak selling season in the spring. A quick transaction works in your favor when you have a flip loan. Our tips apply primarily to staging and selling a house, but a commercial property can benefit from thoughtful staging, too.

Good Staging Helps to Sell a Flip Loan Project Faster

1. Write an engaging listing description. Don’t just have a jumbled list of attributes. Try to paint a picture of the life that awaits the new buyer. A commercial property listing will have less about an exciting new life, but it should still be vivid and clear.

2. Check the weather. If you’re planning an open house, do your best to avoid scheduling during a storm. When doing individual showings, make sure to have a place for prospective buyers to hang coats and umbrellas. Also be sure to turn the thermostat up to a comfortable level in advance of the showing so the house feels inviting.

3. Put up some decorations. Real estate agents might argue about how much to decorate for the season, but it’s hard to argue against the bracing scent of a fresh pine wreath. A few strings of white lights make the exterior of a building seem more inviting, especially as the sun is going down earlier. Other holiday scents, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves can make a space seem warm and inviting.

4. Finally, don’t forget all the usual staging rules just because it’s the holidays! Be sure all the tools and materials your contractor used have been tidied out of the way. Turn on the lights, so the property feels bright and spacious. Stage the main areas with furniture. This means the kitchen, dining room, living room, and master bedroom in a house. In a commercial property, have the waiting area and at least one office, for example, furnished tastefully.

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