Why You Should List the Property You Rehabbed on a Flip Loan During the Holidays

Sell your flip loan property this holiday seasonYou may be wondering if it is worth listing a house you have fixed up using a flip loan over the holidays. The cold weather and busy time of the year may cause you pause, but it is actually a great time to sell. The truth is that anyone who is out looking at houses at this time of the year is very serious about buying. Maybe they were outbid over several months and now your new listing pops up and they want to check it out. Or perhaps the family is moving to the area suddenly because of a job transfer. There can be lots of reasons people are buying over the holidays. People are looking for homes during every month of the year. There are usually fewer listings and less competition during the holidays. It is difficult for a family still living in a home to list it during the holidays. Who wants to pack up their kids and get them out of the house for a showing when it is frigid outside? Since the home you fixed up using a flip loan is likely unoccupied, this makes it very easy.

Selling During the Holidays Can Go Quickly, Making You a Faster Return on a Fix and Flip Loan

There are many benefits to having motivated buyers. It is likely that the transaction will go quickly and smoothly. The market is quieter at this point of the year. That means that buyers will not have to wait as long for home inspections to happen. Paperwork should go through quickly since mortgage lenders and attorneys are not as busy.

Staging during the holidays is also fun and very simple. Enough time and money has been spent on fixing up the house using the fix and flip loan, why spend more on staging? Get some simple lights and decorations and make the home look like a cozy place to celebrate the holidays. If you are ready, definitely list over the holidays. Who knows, you may even get a quick and painless home sale as a gift for yourself.